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Winter wonderland Loose pigment pots

Winter wonderland Loose pigment pots

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These loose pigment pots are packed full of rich colours that will accompany any makeup look. I have carefully selected some colours to create a collection, don't worry you can get them individually too. 

Each of the pigments is very special and provides great coverage no matter that application. They can be mixed with any medium for eyes, lips or nails. They are the highest cosmetic grade, vegan and cruelty free. 

The colours I have picked for this collection are;

  • Rustic red - this offers an orange red colour pay off.
  • Fairy glitter mother - this offers a more glittery appearance as it is bigger is particle size. It has a beautiful colour shift with pinks, greens, whites and even a silvery tone to it. this will be limited in it availability.
  • Enchanted forest - this is a beautiful green with a golden hue.
  • Golden dream - damn this colour speaks for itself, this super shinning metallic gold is just spectacular. again this one is bigger in particle size so gives a glittery effect. 
  • Silver twist - silver twist has a blue hue to it but is amazing and metallic in appearance. 
  • Sassy blue - Sassy blue is magical in every way. It has a golden hue to it that makes it shine like no other.