About us

OhMyGlitterOMG started because I wanted to build something beautiful. I am surrounded by so many talented makeup artists and vegans who love makeup but found it hard to find that certain something in other vegan brands. I started by considering how you make the stuff and what I could bring to the table if I did it too. I endlessly researched what ingredients to use and what was safe for everyone, but would be vibrant and out there at the same time. I tried out several formulas and recipes before I found the one that worked and I tweaked it until I was truly happy with it, which is when the Brights palette was born. I was so proud of my creation and it was vegan. I had to carry on; I wanted to make more. I let a few of my makeup savvy friends try it and they loved it too.


I didn’t want to stop there; I felt I had found my calling in life. I decided that everything needed to be vegan, natural and nourishing. I want you to have the best makeup experience possible. If you want to shine brighter than a shooting star, then why not?


Everything you see on the site is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. I will continue to work on new creations, to bring you everything you need for your make-up looks, whether it be for a night out or a day shopping. 

Remember this is more than make-up this is creativity.