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Mermazing Multichrome loose pigment pots

Mermazing Multichrome loose pigment pots

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The first batch sold out within a day of arriving. These pigments really are magical.

So you will all know about these pigments because they are the beauty worlds version of diamonds. they are beautiful and captivation and they make you want to rub them all over your face and just be crazy for the day. 

There are 4 colours currently available; 3, 4, 6 and 10. 

I am still naming these because you can't rush these things but as a tester I am offering pre orders for these 4 colours. 

3 Merbabe : is a magical mixture of blues and purples and reminds me of a peacock.
4 Sea life: ranges from green to a beautiful lighter green/blue colour. 
6 Ursula: well this goes from pink all the way to green and it a personal favourite. 
10 Sunset : is a magical bright orange to red to pink. 

If this is something everyone loves then I will add more colours for you all. 

There will only be a limited amount available. 

these are 2 gram pigment pots with a gram of pigment which is super fine and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. You can get them on their own or as a set.