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Mermaids dream multichrome pigment pots

Mermaids dream multichrome pigment pots

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Mermaids dream multichrome pigment pots are inspired by mermaids. The colours shift beautifully and offer a very glittery and metallic look. These are loose pigments so can be used in a number of ways. 

They can be used on your lips, eyes, face, nails and body depending on which medium you choose to use. 

The colours are as follows; 

Ariel - a beautiful pink with an orange shift

Shelly - golden green with a golden brown shift

Lilith - blue, purple, red brown 

Mera - pink, purple and blue


These are 2 gram pigment pots with 1 gram of very pigmented multichrome lushness, so a little goes a long way. You can get them on their own or as a set. 

Limited amounts available so don't miss out. 


Vegan, cruelty free and cosmetic grade.